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According to U.S. Department of Housing statistics, the number of homeless people in California has increased by 40% in the last 5 years. California is home to 12% of the U.S. population, but is home to half of the population living on the streets of the United States. An estimated 66,000 homeless people live in Los Angeles County alone. Some might think that this problem has not been solved due to lack of resources, however, California in recent years has approved all kinds of taxes and mechanisms aimed specifically at this problem. In the 2021 state budget, $12 billion was committed to address homelessness over the next 2 years. To get a sense of what this amount means, if you were to divide that value by the number of homeless people statewide (160,000), each person is allocated $75,000. So the questions are: why hasn't so much money solved the problem for years? Why hasn't the free market been able to provide solutions? And, how could a law that went into effect in early 2022 be an initial step toward solving the crisis?


P. Lo
We have a lot of homelessness in Phoenix. It is so hot here and the prices just to rent has skyrocketed

Jessica McNally
Same in Florida, not quite the same heat (we have more humidity...and gators) but the costs of living have increased rapidly which is displacing people. There are many Florida state jobs at the professional grade that don't pay enough to afford rent in the communities the jobs are located in. It's crazy!

Jessica McNally
The problem is everywhere now, housing costs and energy costs are very high everywhere now.

Lol no it's barely anywhere. Only a few cities that won't keep their streets clean. All those people in those areas are bums not just the homeless. We would never let our community look so trashy. Shame on you.

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Sugar Brown
Guess what, I walk around everyday and talk with the homeless here in SF, and most tell me they aren't even from CA. I'm told by a lot of people that they were given a bus ride on greyhound from out of state. Unlike other cities, we don't ship people like they are trash. Yes, there are a lot of homeless in CA, but look at your own state and how they handle the problem.

It’s California’s version of affordable housing.

Asian American Advice
It's not about high housing costs. The cities of Austin, LA, Phoenix and others for instance have very large populations of immigrants arriving with nearly nothing. They are mostly Hispanic and sometimes Asian people who came here illegally and often owe someone a lot of money for passage into the Southwest. They make up a very tiny proportion of the homeless from my research. And in fact they endup making a ton of cash sometimes and bring over more people to make another pile of cash. As the point is, drugs create houselessness in the USA. See the numerous interviews online, for instance TALES FROM THE STREETS YouTube channel. Anyhow, I feel for the recent people who were addicted and lost their family support and end up on the streets. I pray for them.

Most of them are from other states where it has an inhumane climate for homelessness.

Dylan Armstrong
I make $73,000 a year and I can barely afford a 1bd apartment by myself. Unless you live with roommates

There are a lot of homeless people that are not from California. California doesn’t harass them like other state or city thus they all congregate in CA. Plus, there are too much benefits for homeless vs a lot of red states

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Peter Frautschy
The weather is better in California too.

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The problem is we overvalue human lives. The simple solution is to gather these people up and put them in an isolated town or prison like location where they're free to do as they please without the rest of us being frightened with them

Jaybee Delacruz
It has become a lifestyle

You have to think like a corporation to understand. People as products and a lot of product is not needed in many areas, so you need to warehouse them some place until that day they pass away and it has to be at a minimum cost. To move the good products out of Cali and move unwanted products to Cali.

Ray Lemar
Make no mistake about it. It's survival of the fittest. Darwin is always working.

That's because all the homeless people around the USA are being bused to CALIFORNIA by their social workers..... all homeless people come here for nice warm weather and homeless benefits offered by gov.

Often families send their teenagers addicted to fentanyl to Cali.

robert brooks
Prices are too high in California, if you don't pay rent you can buy more drugs with the money you have. I had been homeless so I'm not talking out the of my neck. Most Americans live pretty much paycheck to paycheck. Lose your job homeless. Get sick can't work homeless. Screw off a paycheck getting high or drunk homeless. As you can see the problem runs pretty deep. Starting in grade school teaching money management would be a great start........

That's horrible, why do they say America is the dream land?


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